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Resident Reminders

Aug 13, 2020

At the Shoreline, our community has truly come together over the last few months to help each other through this challenging time. From sheltering in place to supporting local businesses, we’ve all done our part to keep each other safe. As we continue to navigate our new normal, it’s important to remember that our work is not done. We’ve compiled a small list of reminders for our residents so that everyone here continues to remain safe, happy, and healthy. 

Balcony Noise

Enjoying our beautiful balconies is one of the many perks that come with living at the Shoreline. While we encourage you to continue using this space, we ask that you please be mindful of volume level when doing so. Noise can travel easily outside from apartment to apartment and keeping balcony volume down will help ensure we maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.    

Pick Up After Your Pet

We love that pets are part of the Shoreline community! However, please be considerate about picking up after furry friends when taking them outside to enjoy the surroundings. We appreciate your help in keeping our outdoor spaces clean and beautiful. 

Face Masks for Guests

If you’re having guests over, it is important they follow CDC guidelines and use facial coverings when visiting any of the public areas here at the Shoreline. Please share this information with your guests beforehand so that they are ready and willing to do their part to keep themselves and others safe. 

Face Masks for Residents

One of the best ways to communicate to your guests the need for a facial covering is to wear one yourself. Set a good example by always having a face mask on hand and wearing it correctly in all public areas. As per the CDC guidelines, this means covering your mouth and nose completely

Balcony Cleaning Etiquette

We understand and appreciate the desire to help keep our outdoor areas clean and tidy right now. Please kindly be a good neighbor though and do not permit water, cleaning agents, or items to wash from your balcony when tending to these spaces. Making sure water does not fall on the balcony below you prevents passing on the mess and reduces the possibility of germ spread.


We hope these small reminders are helpful for maintaining an atmosphere that is pleasant and safe for all. Show us how you’re doing your part for your fellow Shoreline neighbors by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!