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Wellness Tips for Shoreline Residents

Aug 20, 2020

We know these past few months have been tough for everyone. With all the changes we’ve encountered in our work, home, and family lives, it’s easy for self-care to fall by the wayside. That’s why we’ve put together a list of wellness tips to help guide you through ways to look after yourself. Read ahead for our top reminders of ways to safe and healthy during this uniquely stressful time:

Stay Hydrated

This one seems like a simple one, but it’s so easy to forget! Making sure you get the proper amount of hydration throughout your day is essential for staying well. This Harvard Health article suggests that the average healthy adult should be taking in about 4 to 6 cups of water a day. It’s important to remember you may need more than this with strenuous exercise or when spending time in the warm Miami sun.


Wear a Mask in Public 

Another simple, but essential, wellness move. Wearing a mask in public protects not only yourself, but also those around you. Remember to wear your mask fully covering your nose and chin, and resist the urge to pull it down to talk to others. Wearing a face mask properly, as per the CDC recommendations, is part of being good to yourself and your neighbors here at the Shoreline.


Set Boundaries  

As many of us find ourselves with less distinction between our work and home lives, it’s important to enforce your own boundaries between the two. Separating “me time” away from work and other obligations is important for self-care and avoiding burnout. This Refinery29 article recommends setting a concrete time to switch off from work mode, as well as building a true day off into your schedule to make sure you are able to recharge.


Healthy Nourishment 

It’s easy to want to indulge in comfort food during a stressful time like this, and some amount of nurturing this desire is natural and healthy. Still, it’s good to think about making most meals well-rounded and balanced, to make sure we’re getting the proper nutrition needed to sustain ourselves during this time. 

Popsugar suggests that diets should be rich in vitamins and minerals, found in foods like grapefruit, papaya, leafy greens, root vegetables, and legumes, while also incorporating a good amount of proteins and antioxidants. In addition to meat, protein can be found in eggs, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, and beans. Berries, grapes, artichokes, and even dark chocolate are all good sources of antioxidants.


Cultivate Creativity

Now’s a great time to indulge in hobbies you may never have thought to try before. Switching to creative mode to draw, write a short story, or dance around in your living room to your favorite song can be just the mood booster needed right now. Taking up a new fitness endeavor--like pilates, yoga, walking, or running--can also be a good way to elevate your serotonin levels and stimulate a sense of wellbeing.


It’s important to be looking after yourself as much as possible during this time. We hope these wellness tips help inspire and refresh! Show us your favorite self-care methods by tagging us on social media with #LiveShoreline.